Give A New Look With Replacement Windows

New windows are a sure-shot way to give a totally different look to your rooms. Replacement windows come in every conceivable size, shape and style. Wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl are all commonly used materials. Vinyl is among the most popular because it is maintenance free. The newer replacement windows are usually made of better materials and also energy-efficient.

Interior french doors impart a touch of class to any home, besides providing plenty of light and a feeling of spaciousness. Made up entirely of glass panes, either a single pane of glass or small panes, these doors run full length and because of their transparency, make a room look brighter and airier. These doors also come in various styles and configurations. They can be bi-folding doors which are increasingly utilized as room dividers as they can be folded into as small a space as required.

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There are French pocket doors which glide on rails rather than moving on hinges and when opened slide into a cavity in the wall. A sliding French door is most commonly used for balconies. Interior French doors are a perfect compromise between the open, flowing floor plans which some people want and the necessity for private areas in the house.

As the entrance of your home speaks volumes about the interiors, exterior french doors installed at the entryway look very elegant. Exterior French door at the entrance can be made more elaborate by fitting in a decorative grille between the panes of glass. A single pane of glass can also have a grille superimposed upon it. Many new french doors are fitted with special, double insulated glass which can withstand extreme temperatures outside and help maintain a high interior temperature.

But among windows an elegant style are bay windows which are, in fact, one of the most popular window designs. A bay window is actually a series of three windows consisting of one large window and two smaller windows on either side. The side windows are projected from the exterior in different angles. Usually, the middle panel remains stationary while the side units can open.

Bay window designs vary from polygonal, semi-circular or rectangular shapes. The angled bay window design is the most common. This projects from the house and slants back to the wall at an angle of 30-45 degrees. The square bay window is also called a box bay. If the box bay has a glass roof it becomes a greenhouse window. Angled bay windows are available in 30, 45, 60 degree angles. Box bays come in 90 degree angles. Wood or vinyl is used for bay windows and though clad windows look more stylish, they are also more expensive.

Single hung windows are the most traditional window you can find. They slide vertically and the top portion is stationary while the bottom window can be opened. These windows resemble the old-fashioned sash window styles.

Interior window shutters are used to keep out the light and are basically coverings which may be slats or louvers. They are usually connected panels which are made to fit the windows. These panels can be opened on either side and their numbers depend upon the size of the window. Shutters using louvers use a tilt bar for rotation to place the louvers in the correct position.

Most bay windows have insulated glazing comprising of two panes with air space in between. Energy saving windows are the norm now and window panes with Argon gas in between them are chosen for better energy-efficiency. The low-e glass reduces heat transfer. It lets in solar heat in winter while reflecting it in summers. Triple glazing has three panes and two air spaces and is beneficial for very cold weather as it save more energy than normal insulation.

As can be seen windows can be used as design elements in a home whether as replacements or totally new windows. Take a look at some of the articles on this site to learn more about the different window types.

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